School Board

St. Patrick’s Primary School has a Pastoral School Board whose membership is drawn from the Parish and School Community.  The role of the Pastoral School Board is not one of governance but collaborative responsibility to work with others, through a shared model, to provide advice to the Principal and Parish Priest.

Through a consensus model for decision making, the Pastoral School Board assists with:

  • Policy Development          
  • The support of staff
  • The overview of Financial Management
  • Review and Monitoring of Policy
  • Reflection on curriculum

The Pastoral School Board also plays a key role in the development and implementation of the School’s Renewal Plan.

The membership of the Pastoral School Board is made up of people who are able to provide a broad view of the school and consider the needs of all members of the school community.  Membership is drawn from parents, staff, and parish and includes the Parish Priest and the Principal.  These members do not “lobby” for their particular group but bring their unique experience and wisdom to the group for the benefit of the whole school.

The Pastoral School Board currently meets once per term.  Meetings last between 1 and 2 hours.  Members usually remain on the Pastoral School Board for three years.

Membership of the Pastoral School Board is made up of:

  • The Parish Priest
  • The Principal
  • Three Parent Members
  • Two Staff Members
  • One Member who is from the Parish
  • Co-opted Financial Representative
  • Two other members may be invited onto the school board for specific purposes.

Current members are:

  • Fr Pat Cassidy (Parish Priest)
  • Annette Fletcher(Chairperson)
  • Sue Geaney (Principal)
  • Paul Garrahy
  • Dinah Ostwald
  • Maryterese Chatfield
  • Debra Albion
  • Charmaine Francis


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