NAPLAN Results Information

​It is important for parents and teachers to acknowledge that

  • The student report forms are only part of the total picture of the student's achievement
  • Only some aspects of literacy and numeracy are tested
  • The tests complement school assessment of literacy and numeracy
  • The tests are pencil and paper tests that restrict the variety of responses available
  • The information about the student's performance is confidential and is only known to the parents/caregivers, the teacher and the school

The best indicator of each student’s achievement is the school’s own assessment program, designed to assess the student’s ability in relation to the curriculum taught in our schools. These levels of achievement will continue to form the basis of semester reporting to parents.

If you have any other queries regarding these results, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or myself.

Susan Geaney


2015 NAPLAN Comparison.pdf2015 NAPLAN Comparison.pdf

2016 NAPLAN Comparison.pdf2016 NAPLAN Comparison.pdf