At St Patrick’s Primary School, all teachers are planning, teaching, assessing and reporting using the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum has eight Learning Areas and some Learning Areas include more than one subject. The Learning Areas and subjects comprising the Australian Curriculum have been implemented at St Patrick’s gradually since the release of the first subjects in 2013.

From the end of 2016 the newly revised and endorsed Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum forms the basis of all of our planning, teaching, assessing and reporting at St Patrick’s. The newly revised and endorsed curriculum comprises eight Learning Areas:  English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Language and Health and Physical Education.


Australian Curriculum being implemented at St Patrick’s

Learning Area








Humanities and Social Sciences



Economics & Business

Civics and Citizenship

**The Arts



Media Arts


Visual Arts


Design and Technologies

Digital Technologies

**Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education




Teachers at St Patrick’s plan, teach, assess and report using the Religion Education Curriculum, Archdiocese of Brisbane which was released by Brisbane Catholic Education in 2013.

Class teachers are responsible for the teaching of all subject areas and key learning areas.  However, they receive assistance from other specialist teachers in the areas of Library, Physical Education, Gymnastics, Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Languages (Indonesian). 

During 2013, staff and students worked through a process to develop statements about ‘What makes a good learner at St Pat’s?’  These statements identify the characteristics of a good learner and were developed for the 3 levels – Lower School, Middle School and Upper School.  These statements are directly related to ensuring that students are able to access the curriculum effectively.  Links to these statements are provided below.​​

What makes a good learner Lower.pdf  W​hat makes a good learner - Lower.pdf

What makes a good learner Middle.pdf  What makes a good learner - Middle.pdf

What makes a good learner Upper.pdf  What makes a good learner - Upper.pdf​​​