School Library

​The library is located on the top floor of the school's Trinity Building and boasts state-of-the art facilities including a multimedia room.

The library houses a wide range of Reference, Information and Fiction resources for the children to access. Students have a regular weekly 30 minute loans time.

Students can access the library  during break times. They can read, borrow, draw, play games, catch up on homework, do writing or use the library computers.  There are organised activities at Afternoon Tea break times.  Craft Monday, Lego Tuesday, Technology Wednesday, Board Games Thursday and Free Friday are very popular with the students.

The library is fully automated and uses the web based program, Oliver. The catalogue can be searched online by clicking the Oliver link on the school website.

Parents and family members are valuable partners with the class teacher and school library in encouraging children in their literacy development. Library staff aim to help students to develop a lifelong love of reading. We hope that they will feel comfortable in libraries and experience them as pleasant, comfortable, enjoyable and stimulating places to use.

On a practical note, each child requires a named, waterproof library bag. This prevents damage and loss of books. It is also really helpful if you can help your children to remember their borrowing day, so they get into a regular routine of borrowing, reading and returning their resources.

We receive valuable assistance from the Year 6 Library Committee, but we can always do with more! There is always plenty of work to do in running the library smoothly. You are welcome to pop into the library to meet our Library Team, ​Vicki Major, the Teacher-Librarian and Karen Allen, the Library Aide. It would be pleasure to meet you. Let them know if you would like to help.