In Religious Education we plan, teach, assess and report using the Brisbane Catholic Education Religious Education curriculum. This is organised into four related strands: Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church, and Christian Life. Each strand has its own distinctive body of knowledge and skills.  The Religion Curriculum P-12 is the source for all planning, learning and teaching of Religion in Brisbane Catholic Education schools. Religious Education consists of two distinct but complementary dimensions, namely an educational dimension and a faith formation dimension. The first dimension, most commonly referred to as the classroom teaching of religion, is focused on Religious Education as an educational endeavour. The second dimension, faith formation, is reflected in the religious life of the school, family and parish. As a Catholic school, we aim to effectively support our students in their faith formation by providing opportunities for reflection, prayer and the liturgical life of the school. We acknowledge that the family is the first place where faith can be nurtured and strive to work in partnership with parents/guardians and our Parish community. St Patrick’s has a Catholic perspective embedded through the Curriculum and Religious Life of the School. It is our intention to explicitly plan for, teach and deepen an appreciation and understanding of Catholic perspectives and these are embedded across all learning areas. At St Patrick’s, we are striving to support students to flourish to be their true selves, confident about their relationship with themselves and others, creation and God. It is the goal that students ignite self-belief to build a faith and hope-filled community. ​​​​​