Principal's Message


There has been a growing perception of the relationship between parents and school as that of client and provider. Parents pay school fees and expect the best product possible for their money. Fair enough; at its base level, this is correct.

But we are not fixing your air conditioning system or supplying you with fruit and vegetables. We are trusted with the most important people in your lives – your children.

Our core business is to provide them with learning opportunities, which will enable them to reach their full potential in Literacy, Numeracy, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities.

We share that core business with many good non-Catholic schools.

However, we are much more than that. We are a Catholic school and as such, we conduct our core business within the context of a shared values system. We call those values Gospel values because they are the values that Jesus promoted and taught – justice, compassion, truth, respect, love.  Jesus did not invent those values; they already existed. He promoted them and lived them in a culture that ignored them, and he was put to death by the powers who were benefitting from their absence.

As a Catholic school, we not only teach gospel values; we try to live them in our dealings with our students and with each member of the school community, students, staff and parents. For a catholic school, a child well educated is a gospel value lived.

We cannot teach your children how to behave. That is a part of your core business. We can support you in reinforcing your values and behaviour expectations of your children, and we need and expect the same support from you in assisting your children's learning.

We will give you loyalty. We will speak well of you and your children to others. We will include you, listen to you and value your feedback. And we ask the same of you. Speak well of your school to others and give your honest opinion to us. If you have concerns, please discuss them when your children are not present. They need to have confidence in their school and will benefit best by seeing us as a united front, as partners working for them.

And thank goodness, none of us is perfect.  We have no stars here. However, if we do our best as parents and teachers, and support each other in partnership, who knows? Our children could be a galaxy.

Susan Geaney