Enrolment Application

​Whilst the school exists for the education of Catholic school age children, enrolment at the school is not restricted to Catholic families only.  There exists an enrolment policy within the school which basically states that all practicing Catholic families wanting a Catholic education will be accepted at the school, provided there are vacancies in the appropriate classes.  If numbers are excessive, preference is given to worshipping members of the St Patrick’s Parish Community.  Non-Catholic families are accepted into the school if they wish to have a Catholic education and are accepting and supportive of the ethos of the school and are willing to join in the activities that we engage in as members of the Catholic Community.  On enrolment, all families are asked to give a commitment to the following conditions:

  • Acceptance of the teachings of the Catholic faith.
  • Support of the programs and activities organised within the school.
  • Understand that the school is dependent on the payment of school fees in order to operate adequately.  (Inability to meet this commitment requires a prior arrangement with the Principal for a Fees Concession).
  • To be available for an interview with the Principal to discuss enrolment application.
  • To have children of eligible school age.  (Copies of birth certificates are necessary for children enrolling each year).
  • Will provide transfer notices for children enrolling in Years Two to Seven with a copy of a current class report, any guidance reports or other relevant information.
  • To have completed an Application for Enrolment Form.

At St Patrick's Primary School, we have 400 students enrolled.

Download an enrolment application form. 

EnrolmentForm 210115.pdfEnrolmentForm 210115.pdf

 Enrolment Application Booklet.pdfEnrolment Application Booklet.pdf

Enrolment Confirmation - BCE Collection Notice Form.pdfEnrolment Confirmation - BCE Collection Notice Form.pdf​​