Reporting and Assessment

Parents may inquire about a child’s individual progress by making an appointment with the class teacher. It is also expected of all staff that if difficulties arise in a child’s education or behaviour, parents are notified as soon as possible so that solutions to these difficulties may be found.  Assessment is an ongoing process and is used to inform decisions teachers make regarding student progress.

Reporting to parents occurs on a formal basis twice a year.  Parent Teacher interviews are offered by all teachers either at the end of Term 1 or the beginning of Term 2.  Parents are also offered the opportunity to make appointments for interviews in Term 1 and in Term 4.  A Parent Information Night is held in Term 1 and parents may have interviews with teachers at that time.

At the end of Term 2 (the end of the first semester), parents will receive a written Report Card which outlines student progress for the first semester.

At the end of Term 4 (the end of the second semester), parents will again receive a written Report Card outlining student progress for the second semester of the year.

The school will also participate in the national literacy and numeracy testing.  This provides parents and the school with detailed comparative information on children’s performance in both Literacy and Numeracy.  Parents will receive a report outlining how their child performed compared to other Australian students at the end of the year.

Finally, the school publishes a School Report and a Goals statement each year.  These contain important information about how the students and school have gone over the year.