Parents and Friends

Sponsorship may be available for students who are selected to represent the school at State and National titles. To be eligible, students must be selected through school based representation. Teams do not fall under this policy. This sponsorship applies to sporting and cultural events. Applicants are only eligible for one application for funds per child per year. Students who are chosen to represent at the State level may be eligible for $100. Students who are chosen to represent at the National level may be eligible for $200.


St Patrick's School SPONSORSHIP guidelines.pdfSt Patrick's School SPONSORSHIP guidelines.pdf

St Patrick's SPONSORSHIP POLICY  Approval.pdfSt Patrick's SPONSORSHIP POLICY Approval.pdf

Draft P and F Constitution.pdfDraft P and F Constitution.pdf​​

PandF Booklet.pdfP and F Booklet.pdf

PandF Executive Nomination Form.pdfP and F Executive Nomination Form.pdf