Student Book Reviews

Audrey of the Outback

Review by Claire, 4M

This is a story about a girl who lives with her mother and two brothers in the Australian Bush in the 1930s.

Audrey lives in the olden days and her home is a long way from anything. She is lonely and her mum is having a tough time. Her dad is away working because it is the time of the Great Depression when it was very hard for people to find work.

Audrey is the main character. She has a very good imagination.  Audrey has no friends so in her imagination she invents a friend called Stumpy who is a camel.

For a while she thinks about becoming a swaggie but she decides it’s too uncomfortable and dangerous.

Audrey does a lot to help her mother around the house and to look after her little brother Dougie.  She was sorry for her mum when two of her babies died.

While I was reading the book I learned about what it would have been like to live in the outback many years ago. What interested me was what a swagman was, what they did, and how they lived.

I would like to meet Audrey because she has a very good imagination like me and I would be very lonely if I didn’t have a friend.

I think children aged nine to twelve would enjoy reading about Audrey. I think Audrey was not really lonely because her imagination made her life fun.



Audrey of the Outback

Review by Christine, Year 4M

Audrey is the main character in the novel Audrey of the Outback which tells about her life growing up in the Australia bush in the 1930’s.

 Audrey is a lonely girl. She lives in the bush and her parents are poor. Her father has gone away to work and she lives a long way from any town.

She is really lonely and she has a good imagination. She invents a friend, Stumpy, who is a camel. Audrey was thinking of becoming a swaggie.

I learned about the outback and the pictures told us something about the book.

We didn’t get enough of reading the book. And Audrey had a happy face. When her dad came Audrey was so happy. I loved this book so much.

I wish I was Audrey’s friend because she has got a good imagination and it was the best book I have read in my life!!!