School Uniform

​​​​​Our School Uniform is a visual symbol,​ to the people in our community, of who we are and where we come from. When the school uniform is worn it reflects on the child personally, their family and St Patrick’s School in the manner it is worn. We encourage all students to wear the correct items of the uniform and ask parents to be supportive of this in the way children are dressed for school each day.​ A note is appreciated if there are specific reasons for uniforms not being complete.

The school UNIFORM SHOP operates from the Tuckshop. All school needs are available as well as some second-hand items.  The Uniform Shop is open each Monday from 9.00am - 1.30pm and Wednesday from 8.30am - 1.30pm.​  Variations to these times are advertised in the school newsletter.  Orders can be placed using Qkr.

Getting Started wtih Qkr.pdf

Qkr How to order and Quick Tips.pdf

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The wearing of jewellery is discouraged at school. Jewellery detracts from the appearance of our uniform and expensive items can be lost or broken at school.  As well as a uniform issue, the wearing of jewellery is also a safety issue.  For the benefit of all students, the following guidelines are required regarding the wearing of jewellery.

  • Students may wear only one plain stud or sleeper in each ear.
  • Earrings / studs are only to be worn in the ear lobe.
  • Necklaces with a simple Christian symbol ma​y be worn inside uniforms.
  • No bangles / bracelets are to be worn at school.
  • Jewellery should not depict symbols that are unacceptable to the school’s administration or contrary to the Catholic ethos of the school.

Please note that exceptions will be made in special circumstances such as “medical alert” bracelets and so on.  These exceptions will occur after consultation between parents and the Principal.